We went from 0-60
To a full-stop and then
I thought that we could keep going
Being more than friends
We wanted to move on
You needed time and space
I wanted to hold on
Didn’t want to be replaced
We went from 0-60
It happened all so fast
2 friends so similar
Who knew it wouldn’t last?
We went from 0-60
Slowed down, friendship we tried
But it proved to difficult,
The feelings I kept inside
So we went from 60-0
Slowed down at 45,
Then 30, 20, and all of a sudden
You’re now missing from my life.
We went from 0-60
Promises of love forever
The words we said
I always meant
Your heart I’ll always treasure.
We went from 0-60
Now the pain it fills my heart
8 months we were together
3 months we’ve been apart.
We went from 0-60
My joy quickly turned to pain
The feelings that we felt so true
Never will we regain?
We went from 0-60
You held my heart within your hand
Never can we trust another
With our hearts again.
We went from 0-60
Then you pulled the ripcord-
I think my chute’s not working,
But it looks like you soared…
When went from 0-60
I know this was hard for you
But watching from the outside
Tough to swallow, yes it’s true
We went from 0-60
How do I move on?
With my life?
When my life,
Has left me-
And now she’s gone?

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