All You Had

You gave it all you had
You gave her all your heart
You gave it all of your effort
It just wasn’t good enough
To overcome what she went through
To overcome her pain
To overcome her feelings
That she’ll never love again
You opened your mouth
Proclaimed the love
Hidden deep within your heart
Your love and your heart?
She gave back to you.
In pursuit of a new start
To focus on her family and job
To focus on her being better
Focus on life without you
No more Always
No more Forever
Tried your hand at being more
Being more than friends
Tried to be her lover
But she turned the clock back again
Back before your love for her
She would soon discover
You gave it all you had, no doubt
You gave her all your heart
Be glad she gave you that brief chance
To experience a life with her
No matter how much you loved her
It was not the right time or place
Now if you truly love her
You’d give her time and space

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