Ed Sheeran

That summer it rained almost daily
A drizzle was always in the air
You told me the rain was a reminder
Of just how much you cared
You put me onto a song
From “Sons of Anarchy”
And every time it came on
Was a reminder of your love for me
“Make it rain… Make it rain…”
Every night I’d fall asleep
Listening to Ed Sheeran again
Knowing our love ran deep
We’d send each other a screenshot
Whenever it played on Spotify
Another remembrance of the love
Shared between you and I
Then one day out of the blue
It just stopped raining here
And your screenshot messages?
They slowly disappeared
I was the only one sending screen caps,
Sadly it was true
I was the one always thinking of us
And always thinking of you.
You took your love away
And the rain did turn to pain
No more wishes from the one I loved
Only misery and pain.
Raindrops used to serenade me
As I dreamed of you each night
Kissing you so ever gently
And holding you so tight.
Been forever since I heard that song
Playing from my phone
Now it serves of a reminder
Of a love that’s now long gone…

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