I Lied To You

I said I’d never lie to you
And those words themselves
Were a lie
I told you that I was making do
And that I was getting by
For your birthday, I got you card
And in my desk it’s hidden
Told you not to worry,
No presents I would be giving
I lied when I said I’m moving on
We both know I’m not that strong
I lied when I sent you that note
I told you I was working on
Making myself better
Fact is, I’ve been crying all along
Even when I wrote you that letter.
I’m sorry that I lied to you
I’m sorry that I cried
I’m sorry that I can’t move on
I’m sorry I even tried
I never want to lie to you
Never want to break my vow
Promise that I’ll always be true
Even though my heart breaks now
Wish I couldn’t lie to you
Wish I didn’t know how
But I had to you tell you I’m okay
So you won’t see my pain
There is just no other way
To keep you as a friend.
So I lied then and I’m lying now
Each and every day
But these lies are the only lies
To you I’ll ever tell
These lies simply hide the disguise
Of this sorrow that I dwell.
If I ever win you back,
If again you’re ever mine
Never will I keep a secret
Or a promise that’s untrue
From the part of my heart the deepest
No more will I ever lie to you…

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