I’m Happy for You

I’m happy for you
And how far that you have come
It’s been a rough transition
It’s been a long 12 months
I’m happy for you
And the person you’ve become
You’ve overcome oh so much
In this crazy life
Obstacles, frustrations,
Self Doubt & Strife,
You have seen a lot
But all that made you stronger
Than you really knew
Helped you build this brand new life
Your kids are your new focus,
They’re looking up to you
You’re the foundation of the family
You’re the rock, you’re the glue
But it’s okay to let them see when you get down or when you’re blue
Your recovery and your reaction
Show them exactly what to do
When times get tough and life gets rough
When it knocks them to the ground
You’re there to pick them up again
I’m so happy for you,
Happy as can be,
You’re made your peace
You’re building your new life
Though I’m on the outside looking
There’s nothing I can do
Except always be there as your friend
Then that’s what I’m going to do
I’m glad I’m still here
Everything I’ve said is true
I feel lonely and alone
But I’m still happy for you

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