I’m Not Okay

I’m not okay
I’m not fine
Not even remotely
How does she move on
Move on with life
Move on with life without me
I’m not okay
I’m not fine
She’s always there
Inside my mind
I’m trying to be positive
Trying live in the moment
To my family be more attentive
But I miss her oh so much
My heart complete, she touched
Everything reminds me of her
We shared a love of almost everything
She was so much like me
The every word she’s ever said
Still dances around in my head
Our songs are gone,
Playlists deleted
But the jukebox of my brain
Still plays them all again
And I just miss her oh so much
I’m okay, I’m be fine
Once I’m able to get her out my mind
It’s been almost 3 months
Since she called it quits
And she gave my heart back to me
And asked to set her free
I’ll be just fine one day
I’m going to be okay
I just wish I knew when
This pain would finally end…

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