Out of Nowhere

It just hits you out of nowhere
And hits you for no reason
The knowledge that she’s not there
That dreadful uneasy feeling
You realize how much you miss her
Miss talking to her all the time
You miss the way she calmed your fears
It makes you want to cry
You don’t understand the trigger
What causes all this pain
What forced you to remember
The flood of emotions once again
It just hits you out of nowhere
That the time and space you’re give her
Helps her to move on
But did she ever consider
She might need time and might need space
But what you need, time can’t erase
You need her love, you need her heart
Needed her right from the start
You weren’t there for her rescue
She was there to help save you
To teach you how to breathe
Navigate the stormy seas
To fill your lungs with air
But now she’s no longer there
It just hits you out of nowhere

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