Rainbow Phoenix Farms

The Phoenix is born from the ashes
Of the fiery end of another
A rainbow is a symbol of a new start
I put them both together
And created Rainbow Phoenix Farms
Our new life together could only begin
When our current lives apart
Had to meet their end
Because our love was born from fire
Our love ignited by twin flames
Your love lifted me higher
My heart renewed again
But rainbows are an illusion
They always disappear
And the Phoenix just a story, the tale is just a myth
But Rainbow Phoenix Farms was REAL
At least it was to me
Our home we’d build together
Somewhere in Tennessee
But like the rainbow and the Phoenix
Your love it did disappear
No future plans together
I’m left with only tears.
Will this Rainbow Phoenix rise from the ashes
Of my burning heart and soul
Will we walk hand and hand through the pasture
Perhaps we’ll never know

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