I don’t like how I feel
Confused and Aloof
I don’t like how I feel
When I think of you
Run through all of the emotions
I don’t know what to do
I want to give you space
I want to give you everything
I want to kiss your face
I want to give you time
I want to give you freedom
I want to know the feeling
Of not wanting you all the time
I want to take the time
To earn your trust
The time to let me love you
The time to get back us
I know it’s complicated
Your situation, along with mine
Know why you hesitated
Can’t put your family through another time
Of someone who won’t them first
Won’t put in the work
Especially who’s leave his own
Stuck in a lurch
I miss you much
I miss your touch
I miss your smiling face
I wish I could move the hands of time
I wish I could travel space
I wish you’d be forever mine
You make me want to be
Better Husband, Father, Friend
If some day you could promise
You’ll be mine in the end
I know you can’t say those words
Right now, there’s too much at stake
Show me that I’m still there in your heart
Give me hope to wait
Then on this Rollercoaster.
I can continue each day.

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