Sunshine on The River

As I sit here on this bike
Watching the sun reflect on the river
Reflecting on our time together
Back when I we were more than friends
Realizing that since that day
I have seen a single dolphin
I remember back when you were mine
I would see them swimming all the time
If I was lucky, I’d snap a pic of them at play.
The dolphins are gone
And so is your heart
All I’m left with daily
Is Sunshine on the River
And memories of you
I took it for granted
Thought they’d always be there
The dolphins swimming
The pics that I’d share
I guess they’ve move on
Moved on to deeper waters
Just like you’re gone
Your life started over.
I hope they return,
So I can see them again
Just like I hope to win your heart again
But for now. the only outcome to consider
Is that I’m left with nothing but memories
And watching the sunshine on the river

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