Twin Flames

Opposites attract, but Twin Flames ignite
With an intensity to engulf everything in sight
My heart, my soul, my reason to exist,
Took my will to live,
Took away my common sense.
Out of the blue, like a bolt,
You couldn’t love me anymore.
Just like that. Just like a flash,
A heart trampled on the floor
When she needed him, he was there
But she didn’t return the favor.
She turned and ran, cuz she was scared
That he’d do the same to her later.
He opened up his heart, much to his dismay.
He let her in and he played his part,
But now she doesn’t feel the same way.
Heart in his hand, lump in his throat,
Wore his love for her on his sleeve.
Plans for a future life together,
Forever- is what she lead him to believe.
Imagine his shock and his surprise,
But it’s the story of his life,
He flew too fast, he flew too high
The Damn Universe wins again
No new life, no future wife
That eternal twin flame?
Seems to have reached its end…

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