Why am I wasting time
With Unsent Love Letters to a Friend
Because I’m trying to fix my heart
And move on again
Why do I sit here passing time
Penning rhyme after rhyme
Because this has to be
Bettering that dying inside
Why am I wasting time
Typing out these poems
Because my heart is broken
And I feel so all alone
What are you trying to accomplish
With so many rhymes?
Are trying to win her back?
Or make her sad?
Are you trying to make her mad?
Trying to make her remember all the times you had?
No, I am sad
Trying not to go mad
So I pen each of these rhymes
To try to ease the pain
Of wanting her so bad.
Knowing she doesn’t love me
And that she’s not thinking of me.
Knowing she’s moved on.
And that her love is gone.
While I sit here wasting time
Penning all these rhymes
Stuck inside my head
Stomach full of dread
Our love and friendship dead
And all the words we said
Trying to let it all out
Cuz it’s me she lives without
And there’s nothing I can do about it

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