I do this to myself
It’s all inside my own head
Anxiety, Longing, Misery & Dread
You never said that you hated me
Never said we couldn’t be friends
That you just couldn’t give someone else your heart again
You said you needed space
You said you needed time
To figure out how to move on
To figure out your new life
But in my head, all I heard
“That’s It! We’re Done! We’re through!”
But in reality you said
“I need to learn to live my life without you…”
“You needed to devote your time to work and family…”
What I heard inside my brain
“You’re planning to move on without me…”
I’ll give you time, I’ll give you space
I’ll let you move on with your life.
Stuck inside my head,
Left standing in place,
Fighting all these thoughts inside my mind…

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