She Gets You

She Gets You
3 little words
That I say all the time
You say “Yes She Does”
Like you actually understand
She gets to buy you presents
She gets to take you out
She gets to see you all the time
She gets to come over to your house
She gets to spend time with you
And with your family
She gets your love
She gets your time
She gets to live inside your heart
She even gets to hear your voice
She gets to see your face
Though your love for me is gone
Your love for her wasn’t erased
She gets walks with you
She gets to sit with you on the beach
She gets late night snuggles
She gets you in the sheets
She gets a front row seat
For your brand new life
She gets you every day
She gets you all the time
She even got to get you
Back when you were mine
So when I say She Gets You
It’s said with jealousy
Because when I say
She Gets You
SHE Gets You, but not ME…

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