I’m scared to live my life alone
Scared to be all by myself
I’m scared to do this all alone
Now that you have left
You said that you’d be right by my side,
Be there in my time of need.
I’m wounded, standing all alone,
To face this world on my own.
The voices scream inside my head
The hole deep inside my heart
Not knowing what I must do
To achieve my brand new start
Where will I go? What will I do?
Wherever will I land?
Said you’d be here to help me
Now I’m not part of your plans.
You swore that we’d be together
Through times both thick & thin
Even if we couldn’t be lovers,
You’d always be my friend
But here I stand looking around
I’m lost, so much confusion
My heart in pieces on the ground
Friendship & Love? An Illusion?
I’m scared to do this on my own
I was there for you.
Said you needed to make it all alone.
You said that we were through.
I was there to hold your hand,
There to pick you up when you were down
But when I needed you the most
You were nowhere to be found.
I’m scared to do this on my own
Scared to do it by myself
Nobody understood me like you did,
Can’t see a life with anyone else.
But you can’t, you’ve made your plans
You’d left me and have moved on
To build a life without love
You say you hid your heart away.
I sit here scared to face the day
So filled with pain and sorrow
You used to chase my pain away
But what will I do tomorrow?
I’m stuck in time
You’re no longer mine
I left here on my own
Too scared to move from this spot
Too scared to be alone.

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