How easy was it to erase all of our memories?
To erase all those things that you said to me
How easy was it to move on?
I looked up and you were gone
All those words and things you said
Messages I daily read
Was your love real, was your love true?
Please tell me this was hard on you
The way it’s been hard on me
Messages no longer will I read
The texts and phone calls are now over
8 months of loving under cover
Moving on to your new life
You said you’d be right by my side
Hand-in-hand til the end of time
I was your Always
You were my Forever
Stranded you would leave me, never
Said you would be there for me
When this life I’d finally leave
But now I need you, you’re not here
Instead I’m only left with tears
I gave you time, I gave you space
But from my life, you quickly raced
How do I endure this pain
Left me all alone again
Off you went to find your own truth
While I stand here without you
Trying to find my way
I don’t know what to do or say
You vowed that you would never leave
I wore my heart upon my sleeve
The strength and love you gave to me
Is now gone, I feel so weak
I’m stuck here, no where to go
I know your life’s been hard
Easier I hoped to make it
But that doesn’t seem to be in the cards
I guess you could no longer face it
And looking back on all those memories
To move on you had to erase it
Memories of you and me
From me, from my heart
You were taken

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