Love Letters from a Friend

One day when you’re here and I’m finally gone.
I’m going to leave you with this book of poems
Not to make you sad,
Not to bring you down.
But show you how I feel when you’re not around
To show you just what you meant to me.
The depth of love in my heart you will see.
These aren’t words of sadness,
Not words of despair.
But words to show you
Just how deeply I care.
My words simply express how I feel.
My words show you that my love is real.
The words I couldn’t tell you to your face,
These words were formed when I gave you your space.
I gave you time, so you could heal.
Time when I couldn’t tell you just what I feel.
Because I cherish and love you with all of my heart.
Looking to the future, when we’re no longer apart.
All those times you were there and I couldn’t see.
I’ll always be here, you will feel me.
Read these words and feel no sorrow.
Though we are apart today,
We’ll be together, forever, come tomorrow…

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