Time flies
Time stands still
Time stops
All this time
So much time
Alone with my thoughts.
Thoughts of her
Thoughts of us
Thoughts of we
Thoughts of the past
Thoughts of the future
Is she thinking of me?
Screenshot and delete
Screenshot and delete
Hour after Hour,
Continuously on repeat.
Space and time
My racing mind
A broken heart
A heart that bleeds
A heart that pleads
Of all her needs
But what about me
I understand
She has a plan
She needs time to heal
She needs space to build
Herself a new life
Because of the strife
That tore the old one apart
She needs the time
She needs the space
Before we can start
Moving forward
Moving toward
A life together
A life that’s better
For us both
A life of hope
A life of love
A life of fate
But I must wait
For her to be ready
I must be steady
To be her rock
To be the one
When the time comes
No! Stop!
Don’t watch the clock.
Don’t send that text
Don’t be that guy
Just give her her space
Give her her time
For if you do
Once she is through
Maybe she’ll finally come back
Maybe she’ll find her way back to you
But what if she’s gone for good?

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