Seasons Change

Seasons change,
Time moves on
They say some people change, too
One thing that’s never changed
Was my love for you
Our friendship blossomed into more
As summer turned to fall
But by winter, your love was out the door
Your heart you said you couldn’t give
So you left me standing there
Like a tree, who lost it’s leaves
It’s branches have all gone bare
For our lost love, I grieved
People are like seasons
In the fact that they change
Your heart was torn to pieces
Your love’s gone a separate way
Like time, I must move on
For here I cannot stay.
Your love gave me the strength inside
Showed me who I want to be
Your changing gave me the courage
A reason to believe
I can’t blame you, I’m not made
Understand Why you had to leave
You’re off to change yourself for your family,
Now so I am, hopefully for the better
Maybe our paths will cross again
Hopefully, one day will get together
Unlike seasons or people,
One thing will never change
When I said Always & Forever
When I told you that I loved you
Those words I said were true
My love is not a season
I doesn’t come and go
My love will stand the test of time
Even though you’re no longer mine.

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