Up Schitt’s Creek

She says she knows
That I won’t watch the show,
She says,
“We’ll see how that goes…”
She says I’m an adult,
She can’t make me do anything,
But for her, I’d do almost everything
How do I make these feelings go away
How do I pretend and fake it?
How do I watch this show without her near?
How do I watch her favorite show alone?
How do I watch this constant reminder-
That now I’m all alone.
How do I watch Alexis fall in love with Ted?
How do I watch Patrick & David, finally do wed?
Instead of laughs of joy and tears of happiness,
I’m drowning in my tears, because it’s her I miss…
I’m Up Schitt’s Creek, all alone.
I can’t watch this show
Can’t watch and not think of her
Can’t watch David’s love of Patrick grow
Without wanting to sit and cuddle.
Wanted to travel to the Rosebud Motel
And spend the night with you.
Shopping at Rose Apothecary,
And lunch at Twyla’s too.
My plan was to watch it all along
Just when we were together
Now I’m up Schitt’s Creek, all alone.
Without you to discuss each episode.
Watched all 6 seasons on my own,
Like you love the show is over.
What do I do now?
With no show to watch and no lover.
Moving on alone, like Alexis & Ted?
Starting over together, like Moira & Johnny?
Or end up alone, all by myself
Like Bob and Stevie Budd
Up Schitt’s Creek, all by myself
Drowning alone, in the mud

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