When I Get Old

When I get old
I hope I lose my memory
Of this time, that you’re not mine
Of this hurt I’m feeling
When I get old
I just hope the things that I do remember
Are the things from this past year-
From July until December
When I grow old
I don’t want to know
I don’t want to feel this heart break
When I grow old
I only want to remember
The smile upon your face
When I grow old
The only thing I want to remember
Is holding you in my arms, sitting hand and hand
When I grow old
I want to die
With you lying by my side
Knowing that I got to live
With you standing by my side
When I get old and leave this Earth
Returned into the Universe-
If I go first and leave you here
My voice daily, you’ll always hear
Saying softly “I love you, dear”
Wiping away all of your tears
When I grow old
I hope that I found
A love like yours and mine,
When you were around
But if I grow old without you
And we don’t get back to that time
Or I never get to see your face
Just know that I when I grow old
No one will ever take your place

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