May the 4th

So I finally took the step
And deleted your pics from my phone
I deleted our old conversations
Now are traces of your are gone
I guess there’s no more going back now,
It’s time for me to move on
No more accidentally seeing
Your smiling face
All those memories
Now gone without a trace
All the messages
All the pictures
All they did was made me sad
Any time I looked back
At the good times that we had
But I had to do it for my self
I had to do it for me
So that I could finally walk away
So that I could finally breathe
Now that you’re no longer here
Now you no longer care
I simply couldn’t bear the tears
Knowing that you’re no longer here.
Knowing that you started over
Making new memories
Building yourself a new life
A new life without me
I finally had to set you free
I had to give you your space
I had to do what’s best for me
So that I could finally move on
Erase our love- Without a trace
Come to grips that you’re truly gone…

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