The Crossroads

My life is at a crossroads
My path is at a split
I’m torn with how to proceed
I can’t figure out what to do
Chasing someone who doesn’t want me
Give up on someone who needs my care
The choices they do haunt me
My heart’s frozen, I’m stuck nowhere
I float around in limbo,
Torn between 2 lives
Give up on my marriage
Give up my kids and wife
For someone who gave me her heart
Only to snatch it away
And there’s not a guarantee
That ever again will she love me
Right now she has moved on
Her love for me is gone
Yet still my heart is drawn
To the one who doesn’t want
Me, except as a friend
But for her this life I’d end
To win her back again
I don’t know what to do
My heart is torn in two
Stay here, honor my vow
Chase the one I can’t live without
Who’s living fine without me
Focused on her family
Ironically here’s mine
I hide from all the time
So they can never see
With someone else I’d rather be
So I’ll just stand here at the crossroads
Not knowing where to go
Hoping someone will notice me
And save me from this place
From this time and this space
Help me to move on from here
Paralyzed by despair and fear
That I’m never meant stray
This place I’m meant to stay
Throwing my life away…

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