What Ifs

What is she originally said No?
What if I had agreed to take it slow?
What if I didn’t make those trips,
And never got to taste her lips?
What if this is really it?
And my life just turned to shit?
What if I had kissed her that night at the door?
What if she don’t want me no more?
What if I blew my only chance?
What if she finds another man?
What if when she’s finally ready to date,
She realizes that she doesn’t want to wait?
What if we had never met?
What if she finds some guy on the internet?
What if I was closer?
What if things here were finally over?
What if I tried way too hard,
With all the gifts and all the cards?
What if I’m never meant to be happy?
What if I never get the girl?
What if I’m all alone in this world?
What if she finally takes me back?
What if we finally get back on track?
What if I held on too tight?
What if the universe was right?
What if it’s truly meant to be?
What if one day, she’s here with me?
What if we try and we fail?
What if I wasted all this time,
On a woman who will never be mine?
What if I die suddenly tomorrow,
Without telling her my sorrow?
What if I’m meant to re-live this pain,
Over and over, and over and over again?
What if she never wants me?
What if we never get to Tennessee?
What if I made this up all in my head?
What if I never shake this dread?
What if I held on way too long?
What if I went about it all wrong?
What if it’s not her, it’s me?
What if this was all a dream?
What if I’m not really her flame?
What if she never feels the same?
What if she finds someone better?
What if she finds someone new?
What if she meets someone out and about?
What if she hates sleeping alone?
What if she needs someone just for a night?
What if one night turns to something else?
What if I can’t handle that?
What if I can’t give her what she needs?
What if she can’t see herself with me?
What if I stopped thinking?
What if my heart wasn’t sinking?
What if she wasn’t sad?
What if she’s actually mad?
What if we weren’t secret lovers?
What if we weren’t under cover?
What if I could always be there?
What if she really does care?
What if I’m just in the way?
What if she doesn’t know what to say?
What if she forgets what we had?
What if all that time, she was just bored?
What if it was never me that she adored?
What if she was never meant to be mine?
What if I couldn’t see, that the blame falls right with me?
What if our love is lost?
What if our friendship was the cost?
What if we’re not friends nor lovers?
What if she gives her love to another?
What if I’m meant to carry this pain?
What if I’ll never love this way again?
What if it was all worth it?
What if I didn’t deserve it?
What if I didn’t earn it?
What if I didn’t learn from it?
What if our love is true?
What if I do what I need to do?
What if I give my pain to another?
Then will we finally have each other?
But, What… If…

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