Bad Poetry

I’m not a writer
I’m no poet
I’m just a dude
Who wore his heart on his sleeve
And fell in love
With someone who was
Supposed to be perfect for me
But love turned to pain
Forever became no more
When she took her love
And walked out the door
Nowhere to turn
No one to talk to
No idea what to do
So I just started writing
To get out what I feel inside
These thoughts that keep me up at night
The feelings that sneak up unexpectedly
Remembering “Always & Forever”
Fearing the loss of what was meant to be
Thoughts of you holding me
Letting you into my heart
Telling you what I’ve always felt for you
Dreading this time that we’re apart
Knowing that I can’t tell anyone
What’s going on in my head
I can’t talk to you
I can’t talk to her
So I’ll keep writing it all down
Trying keep my head above water
Trying not to drown
I miss you
I miss us
I miss “All of the Things”
I miss the plans for our future life
I miss how you made me feel
But thank you for opening my eyes
And giving me a reason why
Thank you for showing me what I want
Now I just have to work on getting it
I thought that person was you
And maybe it will be someday
But for now, I guess
I will just keep moving forward
And living for the moment
No more looking back
No more chasing the past
And letting my past chase me
To find out who I’m meant to be
So I’ll just keep writing
Even though I’m not a poet
Or a writer
I’m just a dude
Who wears his heart on his sleeve
Looking for a love
With someone who’s perfect for me
Someone who can set me free

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