My Car

You never even sat in my car
But nevertheless, here you are.
The necklace that hung
From your rear view mirror,
It now hangs from mine
And that mask from
That last time-
Back in December,
It’s always there
Hanging on my gear shifter.
Every day after work,
I looked forward
To hearing your voice
These days the words
Just linger like a ghost
I don’t even have a choice…
All the things you said,
I can’t help but remember,
I can hear them clear as day,
Just like when you said them,
Way back in December.
I was so excited to make that drive
Just to have you by my side
So excited to drive 200 miles
Just for the chance to see you smile
You never once sat in this car
But every time I get inside,
There you are…

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