Nobody But Me

Who do I turn to?
Where do I run?
What to do with this pain?
Who can I talk to?
Who can I share with?
Will I ever love again?
What about my hurt?
What about my feelings?
Anxiety as high as the ceiling…
Nobody knows how scared
Wish somebody cared
About the hole in my heart.
The one who I let in
Who started out as a friend
She needed time and space
So stuck here I sit
Sometimes feeling like shit
Can’t get out of my own head
Secret tears I cry
Pain inside I hide
Was our love just a lie?
I thought our love was true
I thought I was meant for you
Now what am I supposed to do?
I keep writing it all down
Here feeling like a clown
You’ll never see the words I write
Is this just a waste of time?
Covid made me wear a mask
So nobody will see to ask
If I’m doing okay.
Just act like nothing’s wrong
Keep posting the songs
So nobody knows what’s going on.
And I’ll just keep pretending
That this pain is not unending
And that I’m not dying inside
Nowhere else to turn
Lessons that I learned
A lesson that didn’t come free
No one I can trust
Once settled is the dust
Nobody to take care of me,
Nobody that is, except for me…

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