What does that even mean?
You’ll talk to me later?
Later when?
Today, tomorrow, next week
You used to say Forever
You used to say Always
Said you would leave me never
Your love would never fray
We used to talk all time
Back when you were mine
Later was minutes away
But now it seems your Later
Gets later every day
You used to say IFLYSFM
You don’t say anything
To me at all anymore
You said we’d always be friends
That we’d still talk all the time
My phone no longer rings
My notifications no longer chime
You said you needed time
You said you needed space
Needed to figure out who you are now
Those words you did erase
Gave me your heart
Then took it back
My heart?
You ripped it out
Been weeks since you last talked to me
How much later should I wait-
Or is now too late for you to talk me?

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