You and Me

I got in the car today
And DMB was on the radio
“You And Me together,
Can do anything, bay-beee”
I remember when you sang to me
Then afterwards,
They played some Queen.
I don’t know what’s going on
Why are you still all around?
I see you every where I go
I hear our songs on the radio
I keep trying to get over you
I keep trying to forget us
You’ve moved on-
Why can’t I?
Why can’t I get over
You and I?
How do I figure this out?
Why are you still in my heart?
Why does this hurt so much?
How do you make this look so easy?
Do you ever think about me?
Do you ever remember what was said?
He hurt you, but I’m paying the price?
And all this pain I feel inside,
I’ll have to pass it along,
To someone else
To move on with my life.
A life that now doesn’t include you,
A life without “You and Me”
Just doesn’t seem like
Much of a life to me…

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