Slow Down
Dangerous Curves
No Trespassing
I ignored them all
I didn’t hear the sirens
Or see the lights flashing
Too blinded by the fall-
“Always Kiss Me Goodnight”
“Seminole Family”
“Mr. & Mrs.”
Were the signs to adorn our walls
No U-Turn
Dead End
Are the only signs left now
That your love for me has come to an end
And I am left here to wonder how
I missed all the signs,
I missed it when you slowed down
I missed it when your heart,
You took back again
And left me standing here
At this Dead End.
I had hoped that all we had in common
Was the greatest of all the signs
That we’d be together forever
That we’d stand the test of time
But as he left, he broke your heart
In the wake of your loves’ destruction
It tore our relationship apart
Our lives together,
no longer Under Construction

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