I’m scared to put myself out there
And tell you how I feel
Too scared to tell you that I miss you
To ask if what we had was real
It hurts too much to talk to you
To think that you don’t miss me too
To think that this is how it really ends
To think that we can’t even be friends
Because thinking about you reminds me
That you said we could never be
I hate looking, because I don’t want to see
That you’re moving on without me.
I’m glad to see that you’re happy
I wish that I could say the same
But every time I think I’m good
I feel this overwhelming pain-
Because whenever I close my eyes
It’s you I always saw by my side
But you’ve moved on to your new life
While I sit here dying inside
Wishing that you could somehow see
That I needed you to set me free

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