3 Weeks

3 weeks ago
I cut you out of my life
Erased all your pictures and texts
Decided I finally had to move on
And see what happens next
I got tired of feeling
Like the only one who was trying
Weary of getting my hopes up
Knowing to myself I was lying.
Knowing that we’d never get back
To the way we were before
That “Always and Forever”
Weren’t walking back through that door.
I started to move on,
Started to turn the corner
Came to grips your love was gone
Your love for me no longer.
I gave up asking myself
If you even cared how I was
Put my heart back on the shelf
Feelings no longer a buzz…
Been 3 weeks since you
Said a word to me
Been 3 weeks,
Since I decided to let you be
Been down this road
I know it quite well
One sided romance
Puts me through hell.
Trying to move on,
Trying to work on me.
Trying to figure out
Just who I’m supposed to be
In 3 weeks you never wrote
In 3 weeks we never spoke
In 3 weeks, I surrounded
My heart with a moat
And just like that
You bring all those feelings back
When you asked me how I was
Then talked about your cat.
Then nothing again,
We’re at an impasse
Pain and confusion returned
After my 3 week fast
Do I respond?
Do I reply?
Do I make a fool of myself
And get caught up in a lie?
That I don’t still love you
That you’re not still in my heart.
What am I supposed to do?
How do I restart?
To cut you out of my life
And try to make it 3 more weeks.
Will weeks turn to months?
And months turn to years?
Will I ever turn on the radio
And not well up with tears?
We have so much in common
EVERYTHING reminds me of you.
Now we’re no longer an option,
What am I supposed to do?
The longest 3 weeks that I have ever lived
With no one that I can turn to
No one for this love to give…

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