Robot Mode

I can’t do this
I can’t keep this up
Can’t hold back these feelings
Can’t accept that our time’s up
I can’t watch you move on
I can’t stand and watch you leave
But I can’t selfishly hold on
While I’m still here.
Can’t go with you
Can’t stay here
I’m drowning in the waves
I can’t leave her, cuz you left me
Catch-22, I say.
Gotta figure my stuff out
While full of doubt
No path, no course, no plan
Need to grow up and live without you
I need to be a man
But maybe I’m not that strong
It’s you that I need
But I have to watch you move on
Your new life without me
So now what will I do?
Now where will I go?
For now, I guess I’ll just stay here,
All alone in Robot Mode.

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