Trust Issues

I’ve never really believed that line-
“Call me, if you ever need anything…”
Or the one that goes
“Thank you for helping me, I’ll do the same for you…”
Because the truth is, people don’t
They’re too busy in their own lives
Put my faith in others? I won’t.
They don’t really have the time.
Its something people just say
To make their guilt go away.
Offers of help often ring hollow
Because the real help doesn’t follow
And in despair I’m left to wallow
Always wondering about tomorrow
And about their time, I’d have to borrow
So I turn inward, and hide my sorrow
Knowing the only one I can lean on is me
Their help. I will never see
That’s just not how life works for me.
I’m the only one looking out for me.
That’s the way it will always be.
Because when I do let people in
And on them I slowly begin
To think that I am able to depend
They only let me down again
And prove that those who call friend
Just disappear the moment when
I need someone to turn to
And lift me out of my solitude
So I just give up even trying
Though inside, I’m slowly dying
For someone to ease this pain
But I can’t let them in again
And do this all over for no reason
So they just come and go like seasons
And show me just why I don’t believe
That I can trust anyone but me…

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