Chicken Tikka

Tonight I made Chicken Tikka
With a side of Naan
Haven’t really felt like cooking
Since you said that we were done
Everything I like to make
Is what you said you like to eat
Just couldn’t bring myself to
It’s been a couple weeks
Spent a bunch of money on takeout
Now I’m turning into him
I used to look forward to cooking
Even though I was cooking for them
I’d pretend I was cooking for you
Pretend I was cooking for us.
I’d make anything you’d want me to
Cooking together with you.
But now there’s no chili. no pot pie,
No stroganoff, no cheesesteak. no gyros. no dumplings
It hurts too much now,
It’s always something
Just another thing that reminds me of you
And how we were supposed to be
But you took your love away
And cannot let me back in
You’d moved on
I’m here to stay
Now I avoid the kitchen.
But I made Chicken Tikka tonight
Though I couldn’t bring myself
To eat not even a bite.
And as for the naan,

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