I Guess I Got My Answer

She messaged me out of the blue
And it took me 4 days to reply
Because I didn’t know what to say
I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high
But I did it anyway
I didn’t want to say too much
Didn’t want to say the wrong thing
Didn’t want to read too much into it
I didn’t want to turn it into a thing
It was just a friend thing, I guess
Who knows? She didn’t say.
And when I finally got my courage up
I answered her today.
4 hours later, no reply
Even though I know she’s online
I guess that’s what our friendship is
No need to wonder if I’m missed
It’s plain to see she doesn’t care
My feelings she’s dismissed.
So why do I keep going there?
We’re over and done,
Yeah we’re through
She doesn’t even pretend to care
Dude, she’s not thinking about you
And wasting her time wondering
If you’re thinking about her all day.
So I guess I got my answer
I guess it’s time move on
The relationship has gone astray
And the friendship is also done…

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