Margaritas and Beignets

You said you needed time and space
To figure out how to be alone
But what you really meant was
You had someone else
That’s who your heart belongs
I knew you had another
When we first got serious
But I wanted to be the one
Guess I was delirious
Because while I gave you
Time and space
She was always there
Closer than any other
To your lungs, she was your air
Why didn’t you just tell me
She’s the one who had your heart
And that you and I could never be
Then I wouldn’t have wondered
If you’d come back to me
I could have moved on with my life
I could have moved on with my wife
If I only had known the truth
That you weren’t ever coming back
And that we were really through
She was always in your heart
I was just the boy in love with you
You promised me forever
Said we’d always be true
But instead of asking me
To give you time
And for me to give you space
You could have stopped me
From playing the fool
All this time that I did waste
Chasing a dream that wasn’t true
Because you’d made up your mind
It was her all along
Your heart was never mine.

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