Tangerine Popsicles

Tangerine Popsicles
At night before you go to bed
Serial Killer & Murder Shows
On my chest you lay your head
You hear my heart beating
Because my heart belongs to you
Falling asleep, you in my arms
Each and every night
Waking up every morning,
Still holding you tight
But I never got to hold you
And watch you fall to sleep
Except only in my dreams
Every night it felt so real
But the dream
Won’t come true it seems
Around your heart
You built a wall
No longer can I come in
And our love did take a fall
My flame’s no longer my twin
You still get a tangerine popsicle
Every night before you go to bed
Your serial killer & murder shows
But on a pillow you lay your head
My heart’s stop beating
I’m all alone, no one on my chest
No kisses from your lips
No “I Love You” on your breath
At least not me anyway
The dream, now a nightmare
I suffer here in silence
You don’t even care
Tangerine Popsicles
And your murder shows
Your nightly routine
Goes on every night without me
That’s not what forever means

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