The Life I Settled For

This is the life I settled for
I just figured this was it
Until you showed me something more
Showed me all the things I missed
Taught me to strive for better
Taught me to savor time
Someone who’d leave me never
Someone who’s loving and kind
Someone with life in common
Someone who’s dreams I shared
We liked the same movies, songs and food
Someone who picked my heart up
And convince me that I was good
You showed me how to calm
The beast down deep inside
You held me when I felt alone
You held me when I cried
You pulled me out of Robot Mode
With you I didn’t have to pretend
No more hiding all alone
In you I had a friend
But you’ve moved on
And I’m stuck here
Right back at the beginning
Your love for me is now long gone
“Always and Forever” has met it’s ending
You said we’d still be friends
You said a lot of things
On you, you said to depend
But I’m alone and wonder how
And now I wonder why
That you went from making plans
About living together for ever
To completely ignoring me daily
Not even to ask about the weather
You used to call me “Darlin”
You used to call yourself mine
Said you’d leave me never
Said we’d stand the test of time
Now you don’t call me anything
You don’t call me at all
I’m down her crawling on my knees
While you’re standing tall
And I’m back to living in Robot Mode
I’m back to pretending
Back to the life I settled for
Back to this- This is it
On our new life you closed the door
Took away all I missed.
My heart, once full
Now empty inside
Where you used to hide
Am I destined to live
In Robot Mode
Until the day I die?

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