It’s Not Her, It’s Me

She comes home
From a long day at work
I fix her a dinner plate
Fold the laundry
Feed the kids
Take the dogs out
Feed the birds
Scoop the litter box
Get kids ready for bed
Gather her underwear and socks
Find clean towels
Make the bed
Let her watch her favorite show
I’m such a doting house husband
My secret she doesn’t know
Do it all, smile on my face
Up early in morning
Stay up late
She hasn’t figured out
That I wander around the house
To avoid the words
To her I’ll one day say
“I loved you, but it’s much too late
Loved you, but I cannot stay…”
I need to find someone
Who can care for me
Like I cared for you,
Do all those things
You do not do.
It’s not your fault
You did nothing wrong.
It’s that I need
To fulfill all my needs
A partner in all things common
Someone who
Likes to cook and clean
Someone who’ll take care of me
I know it’s sounds cliché
But I can’t say it another way
I love you. I’ll always love you.
I’m thankful for all that you do.
For all of your love and our family.
It’s not you…. It’s me…

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