Relationship PTSD

The highs were HIGH
And now the lows are LOW
Trying to hide
How I feel inside
Feelings no one
Can ever know
Your love for me
It fed my soul
Your love for me
It made me whole
Now there’s nothing left
But this empty hole
And my truth
Cannot be told
I loved you
You said you loved me
You promised our love
Would forever be
To be with you
I’d have to hurt her
I love her yes,
But not in love with her
But then you needed space
And you needed time
Moved on with your life
Your heart no longer mine
My heart is aching
My heart is breaking
Relationship severed
Forever has now turned to never
The way that he left
Got you all shook
And so your heart
From me you took
Gave mine back to me
So you could be free
To love only her
And now I’m left
With all of this pain
Do I dare try
To find love again
Or do I stay here?
With all my fears
To save the one I married
From all of these tears
For you, I’m crying
Heart feels like dying
Can I pass this pain
On to another
I feel like dirt
Spreading this hurt
To someone I care for
But in love no more
But still love
The uneasiness
And all of the stress
The highs and the lows
Trying not to show
Feelings trapped inside
Tears that are cried
From him to you
From you to me
From me to her
A viscous cycle
Relationship PTSD

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