That Was Him, Not Me

How am I getting punished
For something that I didn’t do?
Why do I have to suffer,
For giving my heart to you?
He took your heart,
Ripped it apart,
He tore out your soul.
I held your hand.
Showed you were stronger than
I tried to make you whole.
Waited all these years,
Even wiped your tears
Thought it was plain to see.
That we would together,
Outlast the weather
Covered you during the storm
You said Forever
I said I’d never
Intentionally do you any harm.
My word’s always my bond
The truth to you, that I’d always tell.
Gave you my heart, from the very start
For you, I fell fast, I fell hard.
You talked of weddings
You brought up marriage
You’re the one who said always.
You promised someday,
You promised one day,
That we’d have All the Things
All of our wishes, All of our Hopes.
That we’d live out our Dreams
For all to see,
See what true love really means.
You needed space, you needed time,
Needed to find yourself.
I held your hand, I’d understand
Put back the pieces left
Of your heart, that’s torn all apart,
Hidden behind a wall.
Gave you my all,
Beside you, stood tall,
But for me, your love did stall.
I gave you all of me,
told you all my secrets
Gave you my broken heart,
And all it’s shattered pieces.
I listened when you worried,
I listened when you cried.
I loved you when you felt uneasy
When life ripped you up inside.
I shared my fears, shared my tears
Promised you all of my time.
I waited years, so many years
‘Til I thought that you were finally mine.
Made you my world, Promised you the world,
Promised always to be true.
But so did he and you can’t see,
That I was the one who’s meant for you.
Hurtful words he said, stuck in your head
Now you’re the one that’s pensive
No more love, Away you shoved
Your heart is now defensive.
But your heart’s now cold,
Full of pain, turned into a stone.
You insist on living your new life
One of being all alone.
I am left to atone
For some other man’s sins.
When all I did
Was show you the love
That was meant for you all along.
I sent you songs, I wrote you poems
What all did I do wrong?
Except want to share your life,
And make you my new wife
And for you to finally see
That I was sent here to wipe your tears
And show you what true love was meant to be…
He was the one that hurt you,
I’d never desert you.
That was him, not me…

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