How Did We Get Here?

How did we get from there to here?
How did thinking you go from joy to tears?
How did we go from talking all the time?
How did we go from “You’ll Always Be Mine”
How did we lose our “Always and Forever”
How did we lose “I’ll never leave you ever?
How did we go from “We’ll always be friends”
Is this how it ends,
Never speaking again?
How is it that I was there for you.
Remember when you said
You’d be here for me too?
When I needed you the most
Nowhere to be found,
You’re a ghost.
Off building your new life,
Enjoying a a life finally free
To be just who you want to be
A life that you promised
Would always include me.
I’m the one who suggested no labels
And loving each other with no timetables
Now the labels are dropped
And the tables have turned
And I’m the one who’s left to learn
To live with a heart that’s been burned
To try to move on from a love that was spurned
How did I get here?
Where do I go now?
How do I manage to grow now?
When I all ever wanted was you.
To love me the way you promised to.
To hold my hand and say it’ll all be okay
To spend my time with you every day.
Damn, I wish I had been stronger
And held on to you just a little longer
Or if you could look at me the way you looked at her.
Or that you’d been honest from the start
And said she was the one who had your heart.
I could have sucked it up and moved on
But instead you gave me hope
And for a few months you turned my life upside down
Made me smile inside, inside and out
Taught me what love was about
And then you took your love away
But promised friends we’d always stay
But it hurts too much to see
You move on without me.
And what you don’t even see.
is how I’m dying inside again
Because I lost not just a lover
But I also lost my best friend

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