Catching 22 Feelings

I started writing to ease the pain
Hoping that I would see you again
Every time I closed my eyes
I saw your face
You were always here
A part of each and every day
I started writing because I had no one to talk to
Not the way we used to
I started writing about my love for you
And all the pain you put me through
Started writing To try to feel better
Better about losing my forever.
What happens if finally
Another comes to set me free.
If someone comes and heals my heart
What happens to these rhymes if I start
To heal myself, my family
And realize you and I will never be
What happens if I figure out
That like you, I can live without
What happens to my poetry
If you do decide that you want me
I’d gladly give up these words I’m force to write
If I could have you by my side
And I could hold you through the night
Without this pain inside my mind
I would trade all this pain
To write you letters of love again
About how much you mean to me
But I guess we’ll have to wait and see
If I ever close my eyes and can’t see your face
Will these words and the pain finally go away?

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