500 Contacts

People don’t talk anymore
All we do is text or chat
On media that’s anything but social
500 Contacts on this phone
Yet I’m always so alone
I want someone to talk to
Someone who will actually listen
Not someone who’s replies
Get crossed in the distance
I just want to hear a voice
And I want someone to hear me
But these days you don’t have a choice
Why would people would rather read?
“Call me if you ever need
Someone who will listen…”
Yep that’s what people say,
But you know what’s missin’
The actual follow through
Everybody’s too busy, multitasking
And then they’re quick to say
“I wish they had just reached out…”
But we do reach out,
We ask for help,
We ask for you to notice
But when we cry out
No one comes
Nobody ever hears us
People don’t talk anymore
No, nobody’s there to listen
500 contacts on this phone
But no one to bridge the distance
No wonder I feel so alone
All we do is text or chat
On Media that’s anything but social
Can’t help feeling all alone
When I just want someone to talk to

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