At 45, just the thought
Of giving up and starting over
Just doesn’t make any sense
A job, a life, a family.
A granddaughter on the way.
A house, a wife of 20 years.
You’d be a fool not to stay.
Loyalty, Stability,
No cares for tomorrow
But misery and anxiety
You hide your pain, your sorrow.
Hoping to find “a better life”
With someone who shares your vision
Will you ever find a better wife,
Than the mother of your children?
You swear that she’s not right for you,
That she is no longer your “person”
But will ever find someone
To help you ease your pain
Or will the one that you want to be with
Bring more pain to the surface?
You’re 45.
Be glad you’re alive
You wake to another day
Thank the stars and the Universe
For each and every one
And hope you get to experience
Another 45 some day…

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