Self Titled

I never wanted you to need me
I just needed to feel whole again
You told me that we’d always be
That we’d always be friends
I didn’t need for you to need me
But for you to see that I needed you
That only complicated things
Things between me and you
I never wanted to feel this way
I don’t want to pass this hurt along
I could never put someone through
All this hurt that I endure
I never meant for this to happen
I wish that I was stronger
I wish that I could find someone
Someone that I can belong to
I guess I already have someone
But from her, my feelings I hide
She’s supposed to be my partner
To her I should confide
That I felt like I’ll walk through life
And never find MY person
You were my friend, she’s still my wife
The pain inside just worsens
I wish someone looked at me
The way you look at your Cheri
I wish someone could hold my hand
When life gets kinda lonely
I never wanted you to need me
I never wanted to need you so
I just wanted you to see me
And what was in my heart,
I just wanted you to know.
You’ve gone on to find yourself
And your new happiness
I’m left here to wander
Left to wonder and to guess
Will I ever be good enough?
Will I ever measure up?
Will I ever get back to normal?
Will life no longer suck?
Will I ever get you back?
When will always mean forever?
Or am I meant stay this way?
And happiness?
For me never…

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