Own Your Happiness

Own your Happiness
While I wallow in my sorrow
Watching you live from day to day
Watching you own your tomorrows
My happiness was tied to you
Your love did fill my soul
With promises of love forever
Together we’d grow old
Own your Happiness
I was holding you back
Because I was afraid you’d leave me
Hmm, Imagine that…
I am happy for you
Your life finally back on track
I need to work on myself
I’ll try to follow suit
But why I am doing this,
For you, For us? For me?
To somehow try to win you back
To somehow make you see
How much you made me happy
How much you made me smile
How you gave my life reason
How you gave me will to live
I’d like to own my happiness
The way that you own yours
I wish I could smile
The way I did before.

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