Friday Nights

Friday Nights were our nights
Friday Nights, the distance didn’t matter
Friday Nights I didn’t feel alone
Although we were miles apart
We were together on the phone.
We’d settle down for a movie
Then late night snuggles
We’d forget about the rest of the world
We’d forget about our struggles
Friday nights were our nights
We could talk about anything
We didn’t even have to talk
I could just lay back
And listen to you breathe.
We’d talk in our secret code
We never had to say a word
Words unsaid
Were still heard
Friday nights were our nights
And tonight I sit alone
I’d give anything
If you’d just pick up the phone
An Instant Message or a text
A DM or a phone call
This silence is killing me
It’s like you don’t care at all.
I watched a movie tonight
But it just wasn’t the same
Can’t watch any movies from our list
Can’t bring myself to watch them
I can’t sit through the pain
Friday Nights were our nights
Now I sit alone in this empty room
Friday Nights are very different
Now that I don’t have you.

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