Other People’s Pictures

Other people’s pictures
Used to make me smile
To them looking so happy
“That’s gonna be us on day”
Other people’s pictures
Of their happy families
Of loving couple’s together
I’d think about you and me
We should try that pose
We should go there
We should use those props
It’s different now I suppose
Now that your love for me has stopped
Other people’s photos
Make me miss what we had
Now looking at their happiness
Only makes me sad
Looking at your photos
Used to make me smile
Knowing that one day
I get to stand by your side
One day we’d have a photo
Together, husband and bride
I used to look at your photos
Wanting everything that I missed
Hoping that one day
I’d get to be in all of your pics
Now I can’t bare to look at them
No, it hurts too bad
It’s not that I’m not curious
I just hate feeling sad
And knowing that I’ll never have
The life that I always wished I had
I just can’t bring myself to look
At other people’s pictures
Who knew someone else’s memories
Would become for me a trigger
That all I’m left with
Is just the memory
Of you and I together
No more Always
No more Forevers
No photos of you and I
No pics of me making you smile
Nothing to remind me
Of when we were more than friends
Nothing but mental pictures
Before your love for me did end.

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